Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Attention: Artists in all Mediums

Call For Art

Revised Post: November 14, 2010

Uncharted Territories:

An Exhibition of Maps, Imagined and Real

Curated by Nirmala Nataraj

Uncharted Territories will feature blueprints for the inner workings of new civilizations. Maps of imagined cities, countries, worlds, and even entire solar systems will expose created landscapes that await the occupancy of a post-apocalyptic society. Artists may choose to infuse their worlds with fantasy and new, unfamiliar mythologies—or they may create their maps as a direct and literal response to current ideology and politics: places that stem from the natural consequences of our current political, social, and environmental discourse. However large or small artists choose to conceive their map (or whether or not maps represent an actual or metaphysical space), maps will be demarcated by issues that are of special importance to their creators (for example, an interrogation of how space and identity get juxtaposed in urban surroundings, or a study of our disappearing natural habitats and their effect on various species). Through these studies, observers will get a palpable idea of what gets preserved and what disappears in each of the worlds being represented. Drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and video are welcome.

NOTE: There are no entry fees or sales commissions to participate in this exhibition.

Deadline for art: Monday, January 10

Exhibition Dates: Saturday, January 15, 2010-February 28, 2011

Information: CBD Gallery Coordinator

The CBD Gallery is a project of the

North of Market / Tenderloin Community Benefit District

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